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100 women on becoming a mom

how they experienced pregnancy, birth and the newborn phase

100 Women on Becoming a Mom is a compilation of stories that show the beauty and complexity of motherhood. This book gives insights into the most life-changing phase of a woman’s life: From the excitement of conceiving to the experience of labor. From the challenges of the newborn phase to their best sleep advice. Sympathize with their struggles and wins. Find inspiration from their insights and reflections. You will get to read the experiences of 100 women from different cultures, backgrounds, and lifestyles, each sharing authentic experiences of pregnancy, birth, and the newborn phase. If you are an expecting mom or a new mom, or maybe you are simply curious about what it felt like to these 100 women to become a mom, this book is for you. 100 Women on Becoming a Mom is a source of inspiration as well as a celebration of women and their incredible power to create and nurture life.

100 men on becoming a dad

how they experienced pregnancy, birth and the newborn phase

100 Men on Becoming a Dad is for anyone who wants inspiration for the journey ahead and delves into the joys and challenges of fatherhood. It is also a book for women to understand their partners better. Becoming a dad is undoubtedly one of the most transformative events a man can experience. But… How does pregnancy, birth, and the newborn phase affect a man’s emotions and perspectives? How do they find a way to cope with the emotional, physical, and social changes that come with fatherhood? What are some of their fears, hopes, and challenges? In this book, you will discover the answers to these and more questions from 100 men who have shared their experiences of becoming a dad. You can expect to learn how they supported their partner during pregnancy and postpartum, how they adjusted to their new role, and how they bonded with their baby. 100 Men on Becoming a Dad is a collection of authentic and diverse stories aimed to inspire you as you take on this new fatherhood journey. Whether you are an expectant dad or a new dad, you will find something in this book that will resonate with you.

pregnancy mindset

the science of preparing the mind for a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby

Science proves how using the mind can support a healthy pregnancy and baby, increase happiness, and let go of anxieties and fears. The book Pregnancy Mindset delves into scientific studies, the relevance of mindset, raises awareness of our environment and the input our thoughts get, and much more. The book is for pregnant women or women who plan to conceive and for future dads who are willing to invest in their minds for an easier pregnancy and parenting journey. It can lead to a true transformation. Not only do the strategies have the power to prevent depression during pregnancy and postpartum, but they also increase happiness levels and life satisfaction. Use the power of the mind when you are expecting or wanting to get pregnant soon. You are guided to create a healthy and happiness-supporting mindset. According to the Dalai Lama, it is our mind that determines our happiness far more than our circumstances.